Excerpts of reviews from Newspapers & Magazines

"One does not know whether the entry of S. Sunder of Chennai, a doctor by profession in to the realm of music as a performing vocalist is a loss to the medical profession or not, but without a moments hesitation one can hazard a safe guess that Carnatic music is certainly going to be the gainer." Indian Express, Madurai 1983

"A soft mellifluous voice, and classical foundation, impeccable pronunciation of Sahitya, and total surrender to music characterized his Karnatak vocal concert" Star of Mysore, 1986

" the first concert of the day at the Music Academy, Dr. Sunders Alapana of Todi was exemplary." Dinamani, 1988

"DHWANI is fast being recognised as the voice of young musicians, it is a serious journal but has a nice sense of humour" Madras Musings, 1991

"Is there anything in common between medicine and music? So it seemed, when Dr. Sunder (a disciple of the late Sri. D.K.J) excelled in stylish Raga Alapana, telling Kriti renderings and not to be outdone in technique, Swaras with a strong whiff of Raga" Indian Express, 1991

"The young vocalist Dr. S. Sunder gave a brilliant account of his taste of classical aesthetic. He chose to render compositions bearing Raga Mudras" The Hindu, 1991

"The Music Academy deserves credit for spotting an artiste who still finds time to learn more Kritis and Practice" Indian Express, 1994

"Dr. Sunder sang Divya Prabandhams in Kacheri style. His Arangisai was like an opera." Sakthi, 1996

"Equipped with a nuanced non strident style of vocal artistry, Dr. S. Sunder gave a gratifying account of his accomplishment as a disciplined singer of the younger generation. Scrupulous alignment on the Sruti, sensitive modulation of the flow of vocal expression and sustained concern for avoiding needless phrases were the main factors which contributed to the effectiveness of his recital" The Hindu, 1998

"Dr. Sunder gave an impeccable rendering of the raga Begada at the Anjaneya Temple at Nanganallur. Equipped with a soft pleasing voice and excellent diction, he enthralled the audience." The Hindu, 2000

On Traditional lines: "Dr.Sunder gave a competent performance at a well attended concert under the auspices of Hamsadhwani. Without indulging in unnecessary frills or gimmicks the artiste followed the well tested traditional route both in Alapanas and Swara rendering" The Hindu 30.6.2000